Photo Challenge Week 7: Fast Shutter Speed


(Chelsea T) #1

This week we challenge you to photograph using a fast shutter speed.

Shutter speed, or the length of time your camera shutter is open and exposing light to the sensor, is one of the three pillars of photography. Depending on the length of your shutter speed, moving objects in your photo may appear very blurred or extremely sharp. This week we will be focusing on a fast shutter speed, which is often used to freeze movement in a photograph.

You can see how Annie used a fast shutter speed when photographing Channing Tatum for Vogue. Even though he is moving extremely fast, you can still see him and the drops of water around him very clearly.

photo credit

Take a photo using a fast shutter speed and share with your classmates below!

(Mary Grigat) #3

Ha! I haven’t really had an opportunity to use this function. Also: I live in the godforsaken middle of nowhere and can only hope a car will pass at some point so I can attempt this challenge.

(I asked my husband to sprint through the snow for me this morning, and the man refused!)

(Donna Burket) #4

maybe he’d like to splash in the water for you? imagination…lol

(Donna Burket) #5

(Donna Burket) #6

(Gene T) #7

(Chelsea T) #8

Just a little recommendation…

For those of you who are not familiar with shooting in manual and adjusting your shutter speed just yet, don’t worry! I’d recommend starting out with the shutter priority setting on your camera. Using shutter priority allows you to choose the shutter speed (for this challenge you’d want to select a fast shutter speed e.g. 1/1500) while your camera automatically adjusts the aperture and ISO to ensure your photo is still properly exposed.

To find the shutter priority setting on your camera, look on your mode dial for an “S” or “Tv.”

I hope this is helpful!

(Chelsea T) #9

This made me laugh @Mary_Grigat! :blush: Maybe a bird will fly by outside!

(Gene T) #10

Have him throw a snowball against the side of the house. Shoot it with various shutter speeds. :slight_smile:

(Mary Grigat) #12

Ok, but at 25 degrees I want a copy of that signed book :wink:

(Mary Grigat) #13

Ha! He’s doomed with all of these suggestions!

(Mary Grigat) #14

I’ll grab a victim when I can, but in the meantime I call this still life with whiplash.

(Terri Dreffer) #15

Bailey enjoying the fresh fallen snow.

(Terri Dreffer) #16

Miss Bailey enjoying the fresh fallen snow.

(Mary Grigat) #17

I love this shot, Terri! Both of them. That arch in the first shot is wonderful.

(Terri Dreffer) #18

Thank you Mary! Since you have a Pyrenees as well, you understand their pure joy of fresh snow! :blush:

(Mary Grigat) #19

You’re lucky you have a fence. I’d have lots of shots of me chasing him through the fields if we went out without a leash. A snow dog won’t come for love nor money :wink:

(Newfy and GP)

(Kristin Genest) #20

(Mary Grigat) #23

Chelsea? Any chance Annie might give us a behind the scenes snippet of that Channing Tatum shot for Vogue?

(Alicia Beatriz) #24