Photo Challenge Week 6: Landscape


(Chelsea T) #1

This week we challenge you to photograph a landscape.

You have likely experimented with landscape photography at one point or another, whether you’ve encountered a metropolitan skyline, coastal setting, or mountain range. As photographers we often feel compelled to try and capture the beauty of those scenes as we are witnessing them with our own two eyes.

Below you can see Annie’s unique take on landscape photography, captured at Niagara Falls.


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Take a landscape photo and share with your classmates below!

(Mary Pat ) #2

(Mary Pat ) #4

Anyone else notice that the right third is most represented in the rule of third of the images? posted to the wrong page plz ignore…it wont let me delete

(Cynthia Lawler) #7

Fairhope Alabama


(Mary Grigat) #8

A brisk and misty winter in Ohio (bottom), and a beautiful summer day atop a glacier in Alaska (top).

(Chelsea T) #9

The storybook town of Hallstatt, Austria.

(Chelsea T) #10

I’d love for everyone to include the location of their pictures! It will be fun to see places from all over the world in this challenge.

Thanks for your submissions!

(Paula Reiber) #11

Winter morning in my backyard - Fredonia, PA

(Mary Grigat) #12

Henriette, your photo blows me away. I love how sky and earth practically meet.

(Reed Reish) #13

South Shore, Little Compton, Rhode Island

(Anniina Ögetürk) #14

Landscape from a plane when landing to Helsinki Finland. And one from last winter when a snow storm made the nature monochrome (no editing), this is from an island a couple miles from Helsinki city center.

(Phyllis Deicher-Ladwig) #16

Landscape photos, the top one was taken on a road trip between Oregon and Washington after an afternoon rain. The bottom photo was taken at Cannon Beach, Oregon.

(Michał Dudek) #17

My homeland. The North of Poland. 2017.

(Dharam Khalsa) #18

(K C) #19

Snow in the hills of rural West Virginia and late afternoon sun casting shadows.

(Mary Grigat) #21

Hunting Island, SC after hurricane Irma.

(Sarah ) #22

Haystack Rock, Oregon

(Kelly Ballard) #23

On a walk with my daughter in Bella Vista, AR.

(Simon Elwell) #24

Taken in the early morning as I watched the light come into the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

(Mary Grigat) #25

Very cool. How did you do that!