Photo Challenge Week 5: Natural Light


(Chelsea T) #1

This week we challenge you to photograph using natural light.

As you take your camera out this week or look back to past work, keep natural light top of mind. Think about how natural light plays a role in your photograph.

In Lesson 4, Annie says, “Photography really is the study of light. I use natural light as a teacher.” Annie talks about how for many years she worked exclusively with natural light and learned about what natural light gives you in photography.

Take a photo using natural light and share with your classmates below!

(Marilyn Polignac) #2

(Talayeh Atlasi) #3

This is one of my favorite photographs with natural light, I love it because the natural light tells the story in it. The contrast, graphic and concept is made by the natural light. Immagine this photo without natural light! There would be no story in it for me!
Another photography of mine with the same idea:IMG_8365

I really wondered with two lessens of Annie Leibovitz that she prefers natural light than studio one, and also about the light of before sunset and sunrise. I love to catch the moment in the natural light before sunset! That is a magic light better than big studio production light! These lessens were my individual experience but it was wonderful to hear it from Annie Leibovitz.
I hope you like to look at some of my photographies:

(Edita Nyork) #4

Early morning after long night…

(fk martine) #5

natural light near the ocean

(Niva Kay) #6

I liked the

(Lorena Dumitrașcu) #7

(Scarlett Farrow) #8

Prepped for Tapas and Wine tasting

(BJ Kroppe) #9

(Jyoti Liggin) #10

(Jyoti Liggin) #11

That kitchen is amazing!
It’s a lovely photograph

(Barbara ) #12

Into the night

(Phil Chang) #13

I used the window light to provide direction and modeling. It was an overcast day, so the light was already soft. Sitting near the window gave the light dfirection.

(Kathie ) #14

My granddaughter and son-in-law in late afternoon light. Their tiny house has a few horrible looking windows that render the place a magnificent canvas.

(Julie ) #15

“L’aube sur la Charente” A photo taken in my country, France, at sunrise on a river.

(Paula Reiber) #16

Late Summer Morning…

(Heather Ogg) #17

Out in the barn feeding Katie. The light is always beautiful and snowy days are particularly great for diffused light. As you can see Katie does not like the camera, and so I get a lot of bum shots.

(Randy Watkins) #18

A casual photo of my stepdaughter outside.

(Barbara ) #20

After fishing

(Mary Grigat) #21

A hodgepodge of naturally lit photos. Some hit the mark in terms of subject/composition…some fail. But all use natural light.