Photo Challenge Week 3: Natural Habitat


(Chelsea T) #1

This week we challenge you to photograph a natural habitat.

As photographers, we strive to successfully capture even just a small piece of our subject’s true spirit. One element of telling that story can be capturing somebody in their natural habitat.

Annie talks about how she loves the photograph she took of Agnes Martin in her painting studio because Agnes is sitting on the bed where she “waits to be inspired.”

Think about the subjects you could photograph and what it means for them to be in their natural habitat. Take a photo of a natural habitat and share with your classmates below. Feel free to explain a bit about what your photograph means to you!

(Todd Zornow) #2

(Nadia Adona) #3

I’m posting this as a “Natural Habitat”. This is where they raise children, meet up with each other, and live their lives together. I felt welcome each time, and I feel honored that they let me photograph their “home” on many occasions.

(Rachel Gilliatt) #4

This is my dad - a self proclaimed ‘Mountain Man’. He first taught me how to shoot on an old Nikon FG when I was 15 years old. I took this photograph of him on a day trip to the Rocky Mountains, not far from where he first taught me to shoot.

(Brent K) #5

Empty table at Starbucks. Where I go to write. In this case the sun and the letters on the window work together washing its own words upon my space.

(Marco Dimacs) #6

I photograph I made dealing with natural habitat is this one of two film maker friends of mine, Dada & Lana, who live and work from their RV called The Moon. This was taken outside a community darkroom in New York just before they left to take jobs in LA because it’s much warmer there than here in the east coast.

(Marco Dimacs) #7

Another photograph I made in a natural habitat was this photograph of my friends Jenn & Nick, asleep in their cabin near the lake, while their dog Willow kept watch out the window while they slept.

(kaspar jack) #8

I photographed my friend as she get ready for her night out at her hotel.
She is a singer so hotels are basically a home away from home to her.
Stripped down without her wig and of course throwing in some glamour

(peter vor friedrich) #9

Today, many are creating their habitat away from everyday life

(Heather Ogg) #10

A cold winter morning before heading off to school filled with angst. At the time this photo was taken the subject did not know she was dyslexic and going to school was like torture, facing daily humiliation and isolation.

(Heather Ogg) #11

Great photo. I love the composition, lighting, tones and narrative. Beautifully done!

(Cynthia Lawler) #12

(Cynthia Lawler) #13

(Mary Grigat) #16

My mother in her natural habitat. The woman loves her bath.

(Mary Grigat) #17


(Jacqui ) #18

My partner, Jan, loves the outdoors and bird-watching in particular.
We spend many days on Nature Reserves, summer and winter.

(Marian Rubin) #19

This photo is of a tobacco farmer, taken in Cuba. I feel that this image tells you a bit about the lifestyle in Cuba and the lack of material goods and conveniences. Taken with my iPhone.

(Donna Burket) #20

My favorite singer/songwriter on stage.


Some natural habitat from my life and meeting with my friends.