Photo Challenge Week 24: Family


(Chelsea T) #1

This week we challenge you to photograph family.

Families come in all shapes and sizes and this week we challenge you to capture your definition of family. Annie has taken portraits of some of the world’s most famous families, including the photo below of Queen Elizabeth and her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

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Take a photo of family and share with your classmates below! Feel free to write a bit about the family you capture if you’d like.

(Nikki Wolf) #3

I’m really not actively “here” this week—Pa’s funeral is Saturday (I’ll be getting back to normal life when I get back into town on Monday), but while doing a bit of laundry, I checked in here. And as it just so happens, here’s a family pic of me and Pa last Aug at his 100th bday party.


I know it’s not a group shot or whatever, but he was my family, so this is my submission for the challenge.

The last ever picture taken of me with one of my favorite family members of all time.

(Kreg ) #4

Condolences on your loss. Never easy to loose someone who has been so close for so long.

(Nikki Wolf) #5

Thank you, Kreg. I really appreciate the thoughts.

(Barry Anbinder) #6

Out of 7000 family photos…which one should i pick?

(Barry Anbinder) #7

I can’t pick just one. So, here’s #2.

(Barry Anbinder) #8

I’ll stop at 3.

(Greg Gray) #9

Portrait of my four-year-old daughter, Ruby Tuesday

(Patricia Higgs) #10

This one!! Shows everyone’s personality.

(Elly ) #11

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This week we challenge you to photograph family.

Mother and her youngest son, They survived a vicious attack and numerous losses over a period of 15 years living in a war zone. Still able to connect and talk and share their history

(Nikki Wolf) #12

Elly, that is beautiful!

(Jake Warren) #13

My family are my most willing test subjects. This shot of my father and his mom was one of my first 120mm film shots on Kodak Tri-X 400.

(Jacob ) #14

At Christmas, my brother behind the Grand Piano

(Tomo Kudrich) #15


Shinjuku, Tokyo Japan

(Chelsea T) #16

My husband and mom on the back of a little tuk tuk in Sintra, Portugal. The driver was going so fast, they were holding on for dear life and laughing the entire way.

(Nikki Wolf) #17

After my grandfather’s funeral, my brother and his wife stood for a pic in front of the chapel. My sister, nephews, and even my dad (you can only see his hand) jumped in to photobomb the pic.

(Stephanie Coward-Yaskiw) #19

My very small family

visiting Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island during Canada’s 150th birthday celebrations. Cities across the country had “2017” and “Canada” in huge red letters and I couldn’t resist posing us in them. The weird thing about this family photo? I’m actually in it! I’m sure many of us have the same experience where we’re always behind the camera and hardly ever in front of it. Thank goodness for a strategically placed bench and the 10 second camera timer!

(Nancy Wellman) #20

I shot this last month at my dad Maynard’s Memorial. It’s so rare to get all the cousins together at one time. So me being the photographer I am made all these kids go outside for a quick snapshot. Turned out not too bad for less than five minute set up.

(Tomo Kudrich) #21


Like father like son

(Margaret Alban) #22

Chosen family meets blood family. My partner of 10 years met my relatives of four generations in Quito, Ecuador.