Photo Challenge Week 23: Candid


(Chelsea T) #1

This week we challenge you to take a candid photograph.

Capturing your subject unposed in a natural moment can help bring a real authenticity to a photograph. Here is an example Annie shares in lesson four when discussing her early career and working with natural light.

Take a candid photo and share with your classmates below!

(Madeleine Hart) #2

Checking out the ladies of Volterra, Italy…

(Tammy Klepac) #5

(David Legg) #6

RiverWalk, Chicago.

(Nikki Wolf) #9

This is my favorite candid shot I ever took. My grandfather had just met my son (then 4 mos old), and they played together all afternoon.

First shot (but not my fave):

After they finished playing together, they were both, apparently, wiped out.
Snapped this pic of them, napping together.

This is my favorite candid shot I’ve ever taken.

I loved this, because it was 4 generations in one picture. Baby with his great-grandfather.

As life plays itself out, just when I was getting ready to post these, I got a call from my mother.

Pa died this afternoon at about 2pm, after asking to stop having to take the medications that made him feel ill. He said he just wanted peace.

He was 100 yrs old. I like to think maybe when I saw the challenge being “candid” that his spirit was speaking into my heart.

RIP Merle Sanderlin, 1917-2018

(Chelsea T) #10

What a beautiful tribute to your grandfather, @Nikki_Wolf!

I am sorry for your loss. It sounds like he was a fun and loving person. How special to have four generations together. Memories for a lifetime!

(Nikki Wolf) #11

Thank you, Chelsea!

I just feel blessed that we had as much time with him as we did.

I really appreciate your kind words.

(Margaret Alban) #12

(John Mustac) #14

Sydney harbour, first real outing doing street photography. I was sitting on these steps about 15m from this guy and had my camera on my lap pointed at him, so just guessing the framing and waited for the moment he became interested in something just out of frame. Of the 20 shots i took this one is the only one that i find engaging.

(Barry Anbinder) #15

(Barry Anbinder) #16

I couldn’t decide which of these three shots to share, so I’m sharing all three.

(Barry Anbinder) #17

(Bruce) #18

(Prentiss ) #19

(Madeleine Hart) #24

How wonderful that you were able to capture these two beautiful souls! Very special pictures, indeed…

(Nikki Wolf) #25

Thank you, Madeline.

He was a great man, great role model, and I’m so greatful to have known him (and for my son to have known him).

(Brady Berg) #26

My kids sharing a special moment. It doesn’t get anymore candid than this :wink:

(Nikki Wolf) #27

Brady, that was a perfect moment in time!

(Tomo Kudrich) #28

Candid challenge

He was one of the coaches at a polo school in San Antonio de Areco, Argentina. He walked out of the door with vivid red shirt and blue denim on which was complementary to the pink wall and the blue door, and I found it very photogenic.

(Maricha Knight van Heerden #29