Photo Challenge Week 22: Flash


(Chelsea T) #1

This week we challenge you to photograph using flash.

While many people prefer taking photos in natural light, we challenge you to see how to incorporate flash into your photography practice.

Annie’s use of flash has helped to create many of the iconic images that we all know and love. Here is an example below of a photo Annie took of Claire Danes for Vogue.

photo source

Take a picture using flash and share with your classmates below!

(Nikki Wolf) #6

Here are a couple I have that wouldn’t have been possible without using the flash.

The first, my son, gazing up to see the meteor shower. We traveled an hour out of city limits so he could see it, parked on the side of a dirt road, and he got to see his first meteor shower. I had to capture the moment.

The second is just me, self-portrait, in a moment I wanted to capture when I was considering ending my first marriage.

(Margaret Alban) #7

Holga camera with flash and blue gel filter. My love and his friend.

(Tomo Kudrich) #8

Flash challenge

I found this assignment difficult…first I have to find the right motif in the dark space that requires flash. Second, the photo I took using flash doesn’t look any different to the one I would have taken in the daylight. Who can tell this photo was taken in the evening?

(Normand Fafard) #9

(Jerry Stachowski) #13

Here I was experimenting with a small gridded beauty dish

(Chelsea T) #14

Thanks for all of your submissions so far! I’d love to see more flash photography from the community. Who has a photo to share?

(Ronnie Moore) #15

Experimenting with umbrella lamps.

(Madeleine Hart) #16

Very cool! Are you a musician too?

(Kreg ) #17

Thank you. Ah yes I play. Not a great player but have enjoyed it as a hobby for a long time.

(Duffee Ricks) #18

On camera flash at noon with a overcast sky.

(Barry Anbinder) #19

(Barry Anbinder) #20

(Chelsea T) #21

What a wonderfully captured moment!

(Patrick J) #22

Superb motion shot, Kreg!

(Patrick J) #23

Excellent candid shot!

(Patrick J) #24

The lighting is nice and even, and I like the expression on the model’s face. IMO, you should be careful about backdrops to make sure that they contrast with or complement the model’s clothes and skin tone. Otherwise, even with the right lighting, you can get a kind of bland or flat overall look to the photo. For instance, you could have gone with a backdrop that complemented her necklace in order to pull out that color and create real contrast with the dress. (I understand that you might already know this, and were just experimenting solely with the light. If so, ignore me!)

(Kreg ) #25

Thank you for liking.

(John German) #26

Dear Duffee_Ricks:

Regardless if this was taken for this or not, I enjoyed the symbolic theme of this photograph.

To rise above the norm; to stand as brightly as the yellows. the focal point within each of us, shining colorfully.

May all the colors of our lives rise above our own norms to stand brightly within ourselves.

God Bless.


John German

(Madeleine Hart) #28

Love the capture of this spontaneous moment! Well done!