Photo Challenge Week 21: Bird's-Eye View


(Chelsea T) #1

This week we challenge you to take a photo from the perspective of a bird’s-eye view.

A bird’s-eye view is an elevated perspective in photography, as if the person taking the photo were up high like a bird. Whether you are taking an aerial photo from high in the sky or simply standing on a chair in your kitchen to capture something from the above perspective, anything goes as long as it is from the appropriate angle.

Below is an example Annie shares in Lesson 3. Annie captures the graphic image of Whoopi Goldberg in a tub of milk from bird’s-eye view.

Take a bird’s-eye view photo and share with your classmates below!

(Lorena Dumitrașcu) #2

(Barry Anbinder) #3

(Barry Anbinder) #4

(Nikki Wolf) #5

Here’s one I took on the stairwell at Lemp Mansion in St Louis.

(David Legg) #6

These street drummers filled this urban space with sound. Taken from the 15th floor of a nearby building with a long lens. I took several images, and waited for an interesting grouping of passers-by.

(Tomo Kudrich) #11

Bird’s-Eye view challenge

Paris, the Louvre Museum

(Yana Nosenko) #12

we were freezing!

(Stephanie Coward-Yaskiw) #13

MacDonald Bridge and the Atlantic Fleet (Halifax, NS) on a day when I was lucky enough to be up high just as the fog was lifting.

(Stephanie Coward-Yaskiw) #14

Leaned way over the edge (maybe too much!) to get this shot of my husband and son beginning the final descent down the spiral staircase in Dingle Tower (Point Pleasant Park - Halifax).

(James Flanagan) #15

Normally I strain to be sure not to stand directly over flowers when getting shots but the shadow and wood was too good to pass up.

(Tammy Klepac) #16

(Didier ) #17

(Kathie ) #18

Man and his mess

(Normand Fafard) #19

Last flight for today.

(Ellen Case) #20

Taken in a small village in the rice terraces of southern China. I was on a terrace at our guesthouse and watched this woman approaching until she was just below me.

(Margaret Alban) #21

Endless Summer feels. This taken from the Manhattan Beach Pier located in Manhattan Beach, California on the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

(Caleb Aschkynazo) #22

(William Jerralds) #23

Busan Traffic, South Korea

(Jason ) #24

Salt pan at Karumba, QLD Australia