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Photo Challenge Week 20: Self Portrait


(Tiki Wen) #97

Here is another one. Don’t know if this counts as a self-portrait.

(Laurie Couture) #98

Just a selfie

(Sarah Huls) #100

There’s beauty in the sadness.

(Genevieve ) #101

Glad you are, too. May your days be beautiful and life be bountiful for you all the remainder of your days. <3

(Fenny Faber) #102

Moonwalk, hihi

(Julian Gutierrez) #103

Simply great. Very creative.

(Divna Cvejic) #104

Thank you! :blossom:

(Ann Howarth) #105

Very creative, reminds me of the imprint of christ on the Turin Shroud.

(Jay Ez) #106

Joining very late! Also just a selfe… but right after my sister got married! :sparkles:

(Wei-him Wong ) #107

Portra400 | The Peak, Hong Kong | Dec 2018

(Ingo Dittmann) #108

01.19. Selfportrait

(Reena Mafaldina D Silva) #109

Me !!

(Pat Weston) #110

Me and My Shadow

(Leila Porto) #112

Really well taken self portrait

(Charlie Myers) #113

This is an unbelievably great photo.

(Charlie Myers) #114

Fantastic stuff! Love it!

(Lisa Ketterman) #116

Love this! Something about the absence of color that brings out a person’s soul.