Photo Challenge Week 20: Self Portrait


(Chelsea T) #1

We’ve made it to Week 20 of the MasterClass Photo Challenges! :tada: Thank you to everyone who has followed along for the past twenty weeks. To those of you who are just joining us — welcome! — we are happy to have you.

This week we challenge you to step in front of the lens and take a self portrait. For many of us who are accustomed to being the one behind the camera, it may be out of our comfort zone to share a self portrait. I challenge you to get creative with how you capture your portrait. Below is an example of a photo Annie took of herself during her years in San Francisco as a student.

Take a self portrait and share with your classmates below!

(Kreg ) #4

Excellent photo. Love the composition.

(Julie ) #5

(Nikki Wolf) #6

(Barry Anbinder) #7

(Kreg ) #8

Wow! This photo really grabs me.

(Darlene Detienne) #9

Me doing my favorite thing.

(Barry Anbinder) #10

Pun intended, I’m sure. Thanks.

(Bryan Swisher) #11

(Renata Krausz) #12

(Daria Rasmussen) #13

I am in my element - soaking the sunshine

(rustam tahir) #14

(rustam tahir) #15

(Frank Ebbert) #16

These are terrific! There’s adventure and character in every shot I’m seeing. Impressive.

(Frank Ebbert) #17

A couple of different approaches.

(Bogna Woźniak) #18

(Bogna Woźniak) #19

Nice pic! Im amazed!

(Bogna Woźniak) #20

Im totally in love in that pic!

(Chihyu Lin) #21

(Thomas Kirchgraber) #23

A selfie of mine by a little help from eleven projectors, placed in a row on the bottom of a room. If you moved in front of them, eleven shadows are created on the opposite wall. Done so at the “Photobiennale 2017” in Ludwigshafen.