Photo Challenge Week 2: Negative Space


(Chelsea T) #1

This week we challenge you to photograph negative space.

Negative space, or sometimes referred to as white space or breathing room, can help draw the eye to the subject (the positive space) and bring a point of emphasis and interest to your photograph.

You can see how Annie used negative space to draw the eye to her subject, Tavi Gevinson, when shooting the 2016 Pirelli Calendar.

photo credit

Take a photo using negative space and share with your classmates below!

(Kimberly Hero) #2

This is a picture that I took recently of my daughter, using negative space. You can see her enthusiasm and how much fun it is to have a mum who is a photographer. Well, maybe not, but she is a real trooper and she helps her mum when ever I need a model to test new light on or for any assignment. :two_hearts:

(Tricia Gasbarro) #3

Sooo beautiful!!:heavy_heart_exclamation:️:heavy_heart_exclamation:️:heavy_heart_exclamation:️:heavy_heart_exclamation:️:heavy_heart_exclamation:️:heavy_heart_exclamation:️:heavy_heart_exclamation:️:heavy_heart_exclamation:️:heavy_heart_exclamation:️:heavy_heart_exclamation:️:heavy_heart_exclamation:️

(Heather Ogg) #4

Here is a promotional portrait I took of actor Byron Abalos for the theatre production Laurier. I have him positioned on the right third, a little low, body facing out of frame but his glance is turned back in and up and to the left drawing the eye back into frame. I love photographing theatre.

(Lorena Dumitrașcu) #5

Portrait of Richard Hladik on Film

(peter vor friedrich) #6

one of my dearest colleagues at our christmas meeting

(Rachel Gilliatt) #7

(Ing-Marie Ingemarsson) #8

I have photografed my son again, and this time he sat with a black hat and a black t-shirt. And I had a dark background, and here is the result.


(Cynthia Lawler) #9

Not 100% sure this pic works for negative space

Wish I knew enough about Photoshop to take out the cars

(Maria Buel) #10

I took this photo of my husband admiring this sunset while on a cruise.

(Nakisha Jackson) #12

A subtle sense of emergency

(Lori Coleman) #13

I struggle to remember sometimes that negative space can be used in portraiture as well as nature images. I love the beauty of negative space but often neglect to use it. Maybe now I will be more aware of the depth it can bring to an image.

(Moishe Lettvin) #14

Self portrait, experimenting with continuous light (a super cheap LED panel).

(Luis Alonso Ramírez) #16

Me encanta jugar con el espacio negativo, sobre todo porque considero que le da mucha fuerza al retrato, porque dirige la atención de una manera controlada hacia los elementos de la imagen que transmiten el mensaje deseado.

(Carol Covarrubias) #17

Typically, I photograph candids of artist for work. I’m looking to improved. Thoughts?

(T. Chick McClure) #18


Instagram: @tchickphoto

(Marianne Kaindl) #20

(Natalia Frei) #23

1.Nature is the best artist

(Christine Waddill) #24

My daughter enjoying the Christmas tree

(Christine Waddill) #25