Photo Challenge Week 18: Black & White


(Chelsea T) #1

This week we challenge you to photograph in black and white.

While color can certainly bring a photo to life and help tell a story, sometimes the absence of color can have an even bigger impact. We have seen countless photos from Annie in black and white, particularly from her early career. Here is an example of a black and white photo Annie took of Nelson Mandela in Soweto, 1990.

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Take a photo in black and white and share with your classmates below!

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(Raul Farfan) #6

… I also agree that Black and White photographs and portraits many times increase the strength of a shot … also during my last trip in the Amazon, I documented this gentleman who acted as a “ship commander” across the Amazon… your comments and feedback are greatly appreciated…

(Raul Farfan) #7

… and one final one… of that same adventure in the Amazon


(David Dunham) #8

London in spring. 2018.

(Joshua Lowman) #9

I grabbed a few rolls of P3200 to test at a show my friend Francesca was putting on at a bar a few weeks ago. This is her, in the audience, watching her fiance on the stage.

(Nikki Wolf) #10

Recapturing love and couplehood, as a team.


(Gabriele Quaroni) #11

(Gabriele Quaroni) #12

(Gabriele Quaroni) #13

(Yael Portabales) #14

Easter at Madrid

(Steph Dykstra) #23

So much background detail to study but focused on the main figure so perfectly. I really love this photo. Wonderful work.

(Sylvia Ernestina Vergara) #24

I like black and white very much. Actually, I have approached it artificially through photoshop or sometimes when it is so dark when I took the photo, it simply came out with lights and shadows. I have never actually developed film myself. My teachers have developed a chemical sensitivity in years past and being an organic farmer, I have refrained from doing it and sent my photos to labs to be developed or had a person produce a file as a gicelee. At this point, I would actually like to try to do some black and white development of film–perhaps the chemicals are not as toxic as they once were. When Annie speaks about how it is so magical to watch the photo appear, I can appreciate that. I would like that intimate experience in my artistic process.
Annie’s discussion of look back at your work really touched me. As I saw her video and heard her speak, every photo was touching a moment in time that would never happen again. I need to look back. It might make me cry, because I will remember love, those past on and “those days”.
None-the-less, I do like being in present time and see myself enthusiastically moving forward. I have many questions about all aspects of photography and hope I ask them during this amazing class. I don’t want these classes with her to stop. I hope they keep going. I don’t want then to end. I still have some much that I would like to post and share. I still have so much to learn.

(Steph Dykstra) #25

I love the realness of the moment you captured in this shot and the black and white is so suitable for such an image.

(Tyler Wood) #28

“Found Objects”

(Patrick Andrae) #29

It was 111 degrees outside. This was taken from our speeding car heading to Las Vegas.

(Gabriele Quaroni) #31

Thank you so much Steph!!

(Stephanie Coward-Yaskiw) #32

Not enough time to shoot new pics, these days, but here’s a “portrait” of the Statue of Liberty taken a few years back that I felt worked much better in black and white than in colour. It was just one of those lucky moments where I went to take the photo and a plane moved into the frame!

(Tammy Klepac) #33