Photo Challenge Week 17: Florals 🌷


(Chelsea T) #1

This week we challenge you to photograph florals. :tulip:

With the winter months behind us, hopefully you’re starting to see beautiful signs of spring popping up all around you. Find inspiration in nature, art, or even fashion, like the photo Annie took of Elle Fanning wearing a floral gown for Vogue.

photo credit

Take a photo of florals and share with your classmates!

(Lorena Dumitrașcu) #2

(fk martine) #3

octobre - ibiza old town - crépuscule

(Michael Bertakis) #4

Mykonos, Greece

(Johnny Kurtz) #5

Dresden Germany

(Gabrielle Wasserzug) #10

Beautiful pink hyacinth at the Capital District Garden and Flower Show in Troy, NY.

(Gabrielle Wasserzug) #11

Wow, love the contrast and the simplicity of this photo!

(Nikki Wolf) #12

Here is my golden retriever, Lucky, enjoying the start of spring underneath the flowers that bloom on our fence in the back of the back yard.

Little does he know we’re projected to have snow tomorrow… but I’ll let him enjoy the warm weather while he can!

(Molly E) #13

From my days of working as a florist.

(Nikki Wolf) #17

Here’s one more. A couple of blooms that cropped up today. I have no idea what they are, but they bloom before my tulips and daffodils do.

(Michael Bertakis) #18

(Randy Corn) #20

Jasmine in my Mind

Sweet days of summer, the jasmine’s in bloom.

(Nikki Wolf) #21

I just looked that up—I think they are!!

(Molly E) #26

This almost looks like a renaissance oil painting! The muted color palette with gorgeous light, just a really gorgeous picture!

(Gabriele Quaroni) #27

(Lindemanjudith ) #30

I don’t remember what type of flower this is .But I thought it was pretty.

(Steph Dykstra) #34

This is a beautiful shot.
I love the colours your captured together, and I love your editing, producing a faded frame, enhancing the natural beauty, colours and detail.

(Steph Dykstra) #35

I love photos like these.
With such close up views of the detail of things all around. Giving us a chance to study and absorb the beauty that can be right in our very own back yards.

(Steph Dykstra) #36

This is stunning! What a beautiful capture of a variety of stages.

(Steph Dykstra) #37

I love the moment you caught here!