Photo Challenge Week 16: Blue


(Chelsea T) #1

This week we challenge you to photograph something blue.

Color is a classic design element that can affect mood and evoke certain emotions in a photograph. Look at the photo below that Annie took of Daniel Craig for Vanity Fair. How does it make you feel? How might your feelings change if the car were bright red and the background had warmer tones of yellow and orange?

photo credit

Take a photo using blue as your inspiration and share with your classmates below!

(Jacqueline Berthaume) #4

The blue challenge

(Jacqueline Berthaume) #5

The blue challenge x2

(Jacqueline Berthaume) #6

The blue challenge x 3 (Trying to subvert the paradigm of the cliched band shot, the singer is running).

(Didier ) #7

(Barry Anbinder) #8

(Coby Bright) #14

Continuing the discussion from Photo Challenge Week 16: Blue:


(Nikki Wolf) #15

I call this one “Enjoying a Quiet Night to Herself.”

(From you) #20

Does this count

(Coby Bright) #21

“Boi plays Roblox too much?”

(Paula Reiber) #22

(David Dunham) #25

I saw the jacket colour first, and then the subject’s expression. This is London.

(Lindemanjudith ) #26

An old Theater that has Neon lights Chico Ca.

(Gabriele Quaroni) #27

Drumming in blue

(Gene T) #28

(Glenn Wainman) #29

A west coast skyline on white Porche pallet

(Glenn Wainman) #30

Bond, James Bond. I love the rain.

(Jared Eide) #31

(Jos Verheijden) #33




(Tammy Klepac) #34