Photo Challenge Week 14: Lines


(Chelsea T) #1

This week we challenge you to photograph using lines.

Lines can be used in many ways to create visually stunning images. They can denote certain feelings; vertical lines can create a sense of strength or power, whereas horizontal lines may create a sense of calm or tranquility. Lines can also be used to lead the viewers eye to areas of interest or to help tell a story.

In the image below of James McAvoy for Prada you can see how Annie uses vertical, horizontal, and leading lines.

photo credit

Take a photo using lines and share with your classmates below!

(Alwyn Foden) #5

A repost into this section in view of the challenge.

(Michael Bertakis) #6

(Nikki Wolf) #10

A corner in my living room. Where the lamp, which lights the room in the dark, meets the shades, which allow light in from the west during the day.

(Natasha Sharpe) #11

(Lindemanjudith ) #12

782 A meal I had made a long ago .The mat has some nice lines .

(Nikki Wolf) #13

Natasha—is that a golden? I have a golden. His name is Lucky, and he’s 11 yrs old. Love golden retrievers!

(Anniina Ögetürk) #14

Old town, Stockholm Sweden, 2017

(Paula Reiber) #15

(Tatiana Guseva) #16

(Tatiana Guseva) #17

(Mary Grigat) #18

Marking to find later.

(Mary Grigat) #19

(Mary Grigat) #20

(Mary Grigat) #21

(Mary Grigat) #22

(Mary Grigat) #23

(David Dunham) #24

The steps and escalators in the London Underground are my jam.

(Gabriele Quaroni) #26

Overtaking - Bruxelles underground

(Gabriele Quaroni) #27