Photo Challenge Week 12: Texture


(Chelsea T) #1

Happy March! This week we challenge you to photograph texture.

The use of texture in photography can make for very compelling images. Grab your camera, and discover the various textures all around you. Pay attention to patterns, colors, and depth.

Annie incorporated a variety of different textures in the photo below of Kate Moss. The many layers of tulle and the silky ribbons on the subject’s dress bring this photo to life.

photo credit

Photograph texture and share with your classmates below!

(Mary Grigat) #2

I love that shot of Annie’s. The wheels are turning…

(Mary Grigat) #8

Taboo vintage mink that was my grandmother’s and the folds of silk that caress and flow.

(Mary Grigat) #9


(Mary Grigat) #10

(Chelsea T) #12

Textures in Varenna, Italy.

(Mary Grigat) #13


(Tatiana Guseva) #14

(Natasha Sharpe) #17

This is a detail from a house post I saw at the Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia.

(Gabriele Quaroni) #19

Vortex of numbers

(Gabriele Quaroni) #20

Life makes its way

(Santosh Jadhav) #22

‘Texture’ shot some years ago.

I was travelling by road when I came across this Mechanic who had just finished his job, fixing a motor and had lifted his bag to head home.
His hands, fingers, nails all soaked in oil n grease . and eventually his face had shades of it as well.
Texture is

what dominated this image.

(Nina Reistad) #23

Having a glass of wine in the evening sun, when I saw the shadow of my glass on the old crackled leather sofa

(Caetano Chappuis) #24

Textures in Roma (Colosseo)

(Mary Grigat) #25

March left us a gift last night. Or maybe it was February’s parting gift.

(Evelyn Fogleman) #26

Took this today, we’re getting hit with a storm so this beautiful soft light was spilling through the window as my partner napped, catching all these amazing textures on the fabric of the duvet.

(Paula Reiber) #28


(Nikki Wolf) #29

Forever Flowers in silk, lacquer, and gold.

(Tatiana Guseva) #30

(Mary Grigat) #31

Those beautiful folds and this composition. All so lovely, Tatiana!