Photo Challenge Week 11: Shallow Depth of Field


(Chelsea T) #1

This week we challenge you to take a photo with a shallow depth of field.

A shallow depth of field gives a photo that nice blurred background. One common use case for this is portrait photography. By creating a shallow depth of field, the eye is drawn to the subject in focus. To achieve a shallow depth of field you will want to make sure you choose a large aperture opening, which would be a low f-stop number on your camera settings.

You can see how Annie used a larger aperture size (small f-stop) to create a shallow depth of field when photographing Leonardo DiCaprio. You can slightly make out the long blades of grass behind him, but they are not in focus.

Take a photo with a shallow depth of field and share with your classmates below!

Tip: If you are not familiar with shooting in manual yet, then try turning on your aperture priority setting on your camera. You can find this on your mode dial listed as A or Av. The aperture priority allows you to select the desired aperture (set it to the lowest number to start) and the camera will select the appropriate shutter speed to ensure your photo is still properly exposed.

(Nikki Wolf) #2

I’m not sure if any of these apply, but I have a few…

(Janine Nimmo) #3

I recently bought a 50mm lens and took this photograph at 1.4f and fairly close (there is no crop )to test the DoF of the lens. I like the reverse blur in this photograph.

(Gabriele Quaroni) #5

(Gabriele Quaroni) #6

(Tatiana Guseva) #8

(Michael Bertakis) #9

(Ashraf Aziz) #10

The first one should apply… no doubt.

(Kristof Declercq) #11


(Mary Grigat) #12

(Mary Grigat) #13

(Mary Grigat) #14

(T. Chick McClure) #15

Instagram: @tchickphoto

(T. Chick McClure) #16

Instagram: @tchickphoto

(Mary Grigat) #17

If we don’t have a goose handy, can we use a different species?

(Jeanne Dill) #18


(Jeanne Dill) #19


(Jeanne Dill) #20

Jess and a Brown Snake

(Jeanne Dill) #21

![Zoo053006038cdx|624x500](upload://tmtizAHJ1wagTD7EH6aki8fI0Dh.jpg JESS

(Mary Grigat) #24

Spectacular shot, Jeanne!