Photo Challenge Week 10: Reflection


(Chelsea T) #1

Today marks our 10th photo challenge! :tada: Congratulations to those of you who have participated over these past 10 weeks. This week we challenge you to photograph reflection.

Annie talks a lot about self-reflection and the importance of going back and looking at your work. After ten weeks of photo challenges, I thought this would be an appropriate time to think about reflection.

There is also a much more literal meaning of reflection in photography—the reflection from water, windows, mirrors, and other surfaces. Here is an example of how Annie uses various reflections to add more dimension in a photograph of Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West.

Take a photo using reflection and share with your classmates below!

(Lena Pein) #8

(Jo Zeitler) #9

(Mary Grigat) #10

(Mary Grigat) #11

(Mary Grigat) #12

(Mary Grigat) #13

(Ilona ) #14

The other reality. From my friend’s wedding.

(Paula Reiber) #15

Reflections and shadows…

(Charlotte Shenassa) #16

(Darlene Detienne) #17

Here’s a few of my Reflection photos.

(Danny Valdes) #19

(Bill Rush) #21

Nothin’ like a rainy day to inspire some reflection.

(Roberta Hudlow) #22

Distorted reflections

(Nancy Wellman) #23

Reflections are the most fun to see.

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(Patricia Decker) #24

This one works beyond the image. It questions itself. He appears uncomfortable so we react. We cannot see a face, so we look harder. Do we get clues from the other ingredients… maybe so our eyes start moving but come back to this awkward pose and situation. Good photo.

(Patricia Decker) #25

There is a double edged message in your many boats and sunset shots… They reflect and they confuse too… So although we think we are getting to a contemplative place or time, we are prevented from that by the many verticals… so I like that juxtaposition you have set up. The image with the yellow sky and dark horizon leads you off into the next “dream”, next moment, next what??? so it does more that merely show a moment.

(Kasper Christensen) #26

Here’s my contribution to this weeks challenge:

The reason for why I those this picture is that it is a portrait of a man reflecting over a thought…

(Stephen Wooten) #27

(Natasha Sharpe) #28

This was a great challenge! I took a walk down the main street of my town and took lots of photos of reflections in the windows. This one is most interesting to me, but also a little sad, because I’m using the window of a recently vacated storefront to reflect me and behind me, our local museum.