Photo Challenge Week 1: Complementary Colors


(Chelsea T) #1

Welcome to our first photo challenge! This week we challenge you to photograph complementary colors.

A big part of photography is understanding color, and how colors can work together to evoke different emotions in a photograph. Complementary colors are colors that are directly opposite of each other on the color wheel, which can create high contrast. Here’s a quick cheat sheet in case you forgot!


You can see how Annie used complementary colors when photographing actress, Jessica Chastain to make her orange hair really pop against the blue background & dress.

Take a photo using complementary colors and share with your classmates below!

(Cameron Rad) #3

(Judy Francis) #4

Here’s my take on complementary colors. I love movement in photography. I felt that this ballerina had just a lovely expression coupled with the calming sensation of blue. Hope you all like this!

(sabrina camaran) #5


(William Kenton Alexander) #6


William Kenton Alexander

(Bailey Flores) #7

(Laurie Anne King) #8

Playing on the complimentary colours of yellow and purple, slightly enhanced with curves. In the shadows some purple, orange - reds and greens.

(Marilyn Polignac) #9

Red and Green :slight_smile:

(peter vor friedrich) #10

one of my challenges

(Ingrid Hofstra) #11

GORGEOUS photo. The light + colors are really good.

(Ingrid Hofstra) #12

Chelsea, until when do I have to post a photo (ie when will the next challenge be up?)

(Band Industries) #13

nice! green & pink work well together here and give structure to the image.

(Jill Clark) #14

Red, green and a dash of Collie…

(Denise McCann) #15

Interesting the one thing I loved most was how Anna’s red hair looked against the green and yellow leaves!

(Chelsea T) #16

These photos are great everyone! Keep them coming!

@Ingrid_Hofstra I will be posting a new challenge once per week (every Thursday). I will post the Week 2 Challenge on Thursday, December 21st.

(Denise McCann) #17

Looking forward to it. Thanks Chelsea!

(Jeremy Carpenter) #18

(Nakisha Jackson) #19

(Frank Blackwell) #20

(Ingrid Hofstra) #21

Thanks, great! That’ll give me enough time. :slight_smile: