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Fall Photography Challenge

(Yemi Shoyemi) #23

That was my first thought.

(William Jerralds) #24

Goebok Resevoir Temple, South Korea

The splendour of fall still remains in radient reds.

(John German) #25

Dear Frank Riemenschneider:

You should take more of your little trips through Germany. Life’s colors painted on the canvas of earth.

I appreciate all that you do and to spread those to the rest of us.

May the love we have shine through our selves with a glorious color.

God Bless.


John German

(John German) #26

Dear Marikah:

This blends so well within the colors of the season; almost as if you were intertwined with the season.

Unique and naturalistic. Wonderful job.

Let our lives begin to know the love we can give to nature.

God Bless.


John German

(John German) #27

Dear William Jerralds:

The colors seem to live and shine within themselves. Vividly expressive photo through the colors of life.

Appreciate the time to do what you do.

May our brightness epitomize life’s true colors.

God Bless.


John German

(Masha Sardari) #28

(Nicholas Cruz) #29

Some fashion shots I did for a Test shoot. Tried to stick with the Fall look. Location: Union Station, Los Angeles, CA

(James Wyant) #30

Love it! I grow peppers as well. I live in the PNW so I start indoors around December. Can’t wait until next summer for more fruit!

(Braeden Watanabe) #32