Fall Photography Challenge

(Chelsea T) #1

With the fall season upon us, we challenge our students to submit their fall photography here! Whether it be fall foliage, a pumpkin still life, or a candid of your family celebrating fall festivities, you can add it to this challenge.

Looking forward to seeing all of your variations of fall below! :fallen_leaf:

photo by Jean-Pierre Brungs

(Nikki Wolf) #2

My backyard.

(Pam Ewert) #3

Definitely looks like fall!

(Nikki Wolf) #4

Thank ya, Pam!

It’ll be a lot more red/orange/gold soon, but wanted to take a pic of the early signs of fall right away.

(Pam Ewert) #5

Fall here doesn’t look much different than summer other than the temperatures are better

(Greg Gray) #6

Early fall. A season upon us.

(Gailfore ) #8

And how does each leaf know to seek and drop into its own spot, rather than just landing in one large heap? (which is eventually where they succumb, raked together, and carried off…)

(Nikki Wolf) #9

Good question!

The wind just takes them there.

(Neil zimdahl) #10

Maybe it’s chaos theory that determines the fall of a leaf

(Gailfore ) #11

perhaps some unspoken agreement; like the rest of nature…

(Nikki Wolf) #12

Here is the final fruition from my habanero plant.

Just hoping it ripens to orange before the first frost of winter.

(Bruce) #14

Fall reflections on Cedar Creek

(Patrick J) #15

It looks like an impressionist painting of a face!

(Mohammadreza Fathi) #16

Just an autumnal sunrise…

(Paula Reiber) #17

(Nikki Wolf) #18

With fall completely upon us, I took this picture:

And for a bit, I thought someone was walking around, hidden by the brush.

Until I realized, the noise I heard was a squirrel, anxiously scurrying to build a nest. You can see the critter rushing back up the trunk.

(William Jerralds) #19

Fall is in full swing now in Korea.

Here are some pictures from an early morning drive I took to a few neighboring villages that unexpectedly lasted all day.

Amazing how time flies.

(Marikah ) #20

Inspired by fall colors, I felted a few items. I dyed my silk and used fine merino wool for this reject. Happy fall.

(Karen Knecht) #21

My favorite Japanese maple!

(Frank Riemenschneider) #22

Last October week I did a little journey to photograph autumn in Germany, some results here:

Isle of Rügen

Bastei bridge

Eltz castle