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Community Guidelines

MasterClass is about improving your craft and learning from the best in the world. We’re proud of the positive and collaborative community that our students create. When engaging with the community and your classmates, we ask that you show respect for everyone at all times.

Things to do:

  • Share your thoughts about the lessons, workbook, and class in general.
  • Connect with your classmates, introduce yourself, provide critiques and ask for feedback.
  • Share any questions you have about a certain lesson, assignment, or something else.
  • Share any feedback you may have about something related to the class; MasterClass values your thoughts and opinions!
  • Maintain a positive community where all members respect and support each other.
  • Organize community meetups with students near you!
  • Flag inappropriate messages by letting us know at

###Things to not do:

  • Do not spam.
  • For example: Do not post the same or similar comments en masse.
  • Do not write disrespectful or inflammatory comments. Any “trolling” should be avoided.
  • Do not share someone’s personal information.
  • Do not post sexually explicit, illegal or violent information.
  • For example: It’s not okay to post graphic material or promote harmful or dangerous actions.
  • Do not repost content or messages that have been previously removed.
  • Do not post comments for self-promotion or advertising.
  • For example: Avoid promoting businesses, soliciting for crowdfunding, or sharing projects not relevant to MasterClass or the class material.

MasterClass reserves the right to remove posts and comments at our discretion. Violation of the community guidelines may lead to the removal of your comments and/or the revocation of posting abilities. Repeated violations may result in the loss of class access privileges. If you have any questions or concerns, please write to us at